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Started by mcrawfor, February 25, 2011, 06:00:07

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I would love to be able to upload tracks to an online sharing service.

Google MyMaps would probably be best because all android users have a google account ready to go, but I'm sure there are some other ones out there.

MyTracks does a great job of this:
http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8& ... 7&t=p&z=15
but its lack of offline maps makes it pretty useless!

Thanks for developing Locus!


It's in plan!

Uploading tracks to My Maps is a little problematic, cause My Maps has limit to number of points. For tracks, should be better fusion tables. Anyway do you know about any web service that should allow uploading tracks thanks to some API? If so, it should be nice extension to Locus ...
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Hmm, do you know what the limit is?  I don't seem to hit it it when i upload from MyTracks.

Could you just say, I have 2,000 points, the limit is 1,000, so throw out every other point to make the limit?  This would lose data obviously, but for just sharing and showing on the web it might be okay.  Would be a good first-draft of the feature anyway.

If i find a good sharing site I'll let you know.


I won't use this feature, but have a look at one of these services:

http://www.outdooractive.com/ and http://www.mapmytracks.com/
Search before posting!!!
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... and what about gpsies.com //http://www.gpsies.com ???
I don't understand API, but there is some info: h//ttp://www.gpsies.com/api/GPSiesAPI_en.pdf

What you you think menion? Would be possible to use this site?


My thought? If you export the track as kml, host it somewhere on a webserver (a blog, dropbox, ...), then add the URL in maps.google.com, it'll display the entire file.
If you import it to maps.google.com, it'll break it into pieces, so the limit might actually be true.
Discarding some points isn't the way to go, there's a reason why you record all those points.

Didn't try with MyTracks yet, only manual upload using a computer :-)
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I don't like such public services. But there is a very good site with a admin open for anything. And there is also an api for trackupload: http://www.runningfreeonline.com/Talk/g/posts/t/1076

Regards, Jo


First of all thank you very much for fantastic app. It is becoming my primary mapping tool when I am out.
I am currently using //http://www.everytrail.com service to share my tracks and pictures I took on the way. I find it very mature and reliable. Yesterday I uploaded the my trip manually by exporting the gpx and pictures, but this is a lot of hassles. They have Android app that is quite nice for what it is doing but that mean running 2 applications in background. If I am going for long trip it mean that my battery will die somewhere it the middle of a trip.

If you think of implementing online sharing everytrail.com is worth to look at. They have developer api.


Quote from: "frue"Hi,
I don't like such public services. But there is a very good site with a admin open for anything. And there is also an api for trackupload: http://www.runningfreeonline.com/Talk/g/posts/t/1076
Regards, Jo

Wooow, such a great site. Thank you, I didn't know about it.


I just bought Locus Pro as i was really looking forward to the new diagram feature. I'm very pleased with that so far.
 @menion: Thanks a lot for your good work!!!

Till now there were just few things misssing. One of these is a good interface storing and retreiving tracks online. My choice was "Google Fusion Tables", because the last version of Google MyTracks could deal with this. But this was only implemented unidirectional for uploading the recorded tracks.
There is a combination of apps featuring a good interface accessing your uploaded tracks called "Mirudake MyMap" and "Chizroid" for viewing them (see <//http://www.appbrain.com/search?q=chizroid>). By the way - "Chizroid" got a nice track following cursor, highlighting the point in height-diagram corresponding to the nearest track-point to the cursor. For tracking motorbike-tours i often like to retrace the velocity at specific parts of a track. But for this you first got to know where the timestamp of this path could have been, when searching in a normal speed-by-time-diagram.

So this gets quite general and maybe OT, but do you know that there is really not one app for editing tracks? For trimming or cutting parts of GPX-Files containing idle-points i still have to do these work on PC.