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Started by Bartleby, November 16, 2012, 21:07:25

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Since this forum is already full of answers, I didn't post yet. When I recently discovered the live tracking feature I haven't found an easy way for other people to acess live track through web browser - except the livetracking test server on this forum. So I share with you how use to fulfill this need:
According to my tests, you don't even need an account. Anyway, you should create one if you want to keep recorded tracks.

Here is the livetrack setup I use in Locus :
Name and update frequency : up to you!
Base URL :<yourAccount>
Data :
Methods: GET
1 lat=
2 lon=
3 alt= {m}
5 tm= {s}
20 pass= <a (random) pass for this track>

Notification is also up to you.
Note that "pass" parameter allows you to manage the track on the website, so should not be your account password.

The requests will then be like :
We cannot track speed as  livetrack24 expects km/h format,  not m/s data currently sent by locus.

Current live tracking can be found using search tool or the "My Tracks" button. You can see updates in real time by clicking on the map thumb at the right and then on the "Track this user in Google maps 2D" link.

You can edit details or status for a track using the same pass defined in Locus. A track is identified by the username-pass pair during all track liftetime. You can end live tracking by setting status to "Everything OK" on the website.

The livetrack24 livetracking API can be found here:
I try the vtype parameter to set another vehicule but it seems not to work with sessionless requests.

I currenlty only performed some short test but will try again soon when biking.

Next steps ideas for Locus dev:
- speed tracking in km/h
- preset proposal for livetrack24 website live tracking options (and/or others)
- livetrack24 session aware request management by Locus(needs additionnal requests for session ID retrieval, start and stop requests) as described in the API

Hope this can help anyone!




Unfortunately no, Livetrack24 does not support sessionless API anymore :-\


ok thank you

So we can close...