Online shared map problem and online-offline performance

Started by GOF007, February 20, 2011, 18:18:15

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I dunno if this is bug or because the cache file is too big.

As I try to download maps for many parts of the world my Google_Classic file is getting larger (500MB+).
Now I starting to have some problem in Online map + Online shared map I downloaded.
Sometime the map does not load sometime it partly load sometime it dont seem to use the cache at all (alway take long time to load tiles from internet).
And if I tick "Offline mode"  in setting, sometime the whole map did not show up at all.

I try to copy Google_Classic from online map to offline map folder and add .sqlitedb to make it become offline map.
After running Locus again it took quite a while to initialize probaly because the map file is large.
But I was surprise!!!
The map works as offline map very very well, it fast!!, I dont even see the "loading" tiles at all, and no problem of tiles not showing anymore(unlike viewing it in online mode)

Is it possible to make Online Shared Map work smoothly, fast and without problem just like it is offline map ?


  i know about some issues with online maps but I actually don't see any solution for this. Online maps cannot be as fast as offline. Database used as storage is for online maps opened also for writing and that's the main problem. In every moment many tiles is loading as well as new are writing.

  I hope I'll find any solution how to handle faster online map database file, but actually I highly recommend usage of offline maps If you want to be sure, all maps are correctly loaded and you also want very fast map!
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Will creating tempolary db file to store new download data and then merge them together later help improve map speed and load time?

I think at least by checking "Offline mode" in setting should make online maps work like offline maps.

It take a lot time and space to copy online map and rename it to offline map lol ^^