Geocache browsing/tab switching

Started by szebenyib, October 27, 2012, 10:50:28

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just a quick idea: would it be possible in a future version to switch between geocache information/listing/logs by swiping to the left/right, like in the mapsmanager?
I don't know if it is technically possible, but it would be useful if this would work.


  when I firstly added support for swiping into locus (it now works for example in Maps screen), it was also in Geocaching screen. But only till next version. We discovered that it's really not much practical because in most cases you want also move with listing (which is sometimes wider then display) and then this swiping cause only troubles. So sorry .. it's possible, but from previous practical experience (not just me) - no
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I understand, you are right then, I agree with you, OK.
Thx, for the quick answer.

u.i.: you guys provide us with the best support I have ever experienced