Tools for modifying rules xml file

Started by electricpete, October 22, 2012, 04:24:12

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If you open these files in notepad, there is no indentation.

I found html kit is a good program to edit the rule xml file while viewing the formatting ... ag=mncol;2

I also see a very interesting program Osmarender Frontend which is supposed to provide a graphic front-end where you load a rule file and a data file and the result is rendered, then we can click/modify the style of the resulting map file and it is supposed to produce corresponding changes to the rules xml file.
Unfortunatley I wasn't able to get this program to work. I downloaded the "offline" version to my harddrive, unzipped, opened the osmarender_frontend.html file in Firefox 15, and tried to load the preset files. I tried many combinations of data files and rule files. For example
data file = somewhere_in_london.xml, rules file = osm-map-features-z12.xml.  Each time after I press the load button, the status bar "Getting Rules File Elements" appears and freezes 2/3 of the way through.  I got that result no matter what combination of data file and rules file I tried.  

Has anyone had luck using Osmarender Frontend?
Does anyone have other suggestions for tools to adjust the xml rule files?


For edit XML file I can suggest SW Notepad++.
There is also plugin called XML Tools.

I had same problem with  Osmarender Frontend. You need to use only Firefox version 3.x. Higher version does not work.
Regards Petr