[POI] Some POIs for Tenerife

Started by Ferretty, October 09, 2012, 23:22:03

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Soon I'm going to Tenerife. So I thought: Long time that I didn't visit this area. Sure I will find some nice POI archives here -- must already be tons of it. So I came and saw... nothing? My old archives are the last ones added here? You're kidding, huh?

OK. Took a few days, and prepared this: 4 .kmz files with embedded images. The main file includes all the touristic POIs I could find, and the other 3 add some hotels/restaurants for specific areas on Tenerife. All in German, I have to add.

I will probably update this when I returned from my vacation. Maybe next year I will have more look, and find something here I can use. Guess now I have to go and buy the Pro version of Locus (unless menion decides for an exchange: All my POIs for his shop to him, and a free license for me?  :mrgreen: