Location correction

Started by arhoi29, October 07, 2012, 08:45:04

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Hi Menion,
I know there is altitude correction in the Locus GPS setting.
I would like to know if it is possible to have location correction as well?
It is because I realized that the GPS location is shifted a bit in some countries.


Hi arhoi29, welcome in the Locus forum.
If I understand your problem correctly you ask more for a geographical shift for some maps which's settings are described here: http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php/manual:map_offset.
Does this help?


wow, it looks like to be
sorry for missing it out, i will try it out next time when i go to that country again
thanks a lot


btw. which countries or maps do you mean?
Regards J.


well its china


Hi, I have got a problem again and that makes me to have an idea of points coordinates offset setting.

Previously, I had spotted some points on google map, exported the points as kml and import the points to Locus.
Then I applied map offset to the map, but the points do not lie on a correct place on the map.
So will that be possible to have points coordinates offset setting in Locus or GPS coordinate adjustment?


hmm to be true, this is not planned. I do not expect that someone will pick up points on incorrect map and then want to display them on correctly calibrated map ...

do you have a lot of points with this "offset"?
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I have got around a hundred points plotted.

I usually plot the points on google map before traveling to the place.
However the map is wrong so the points are also wrong... /.
Map offset corrected the map and I can get my actual location when I arrive there, but I may not get to the points easily.
I have no idea how it can be done better /.


after thinking again, if i can choose, i would like to have gps location adjustment rather than points coordinates offset
the reason is that after i recorded a track with correct gps location, if i import the track to google map, the track will not lie correctly on google map...
or maybe i should find google support instead of locus support, and ask them to let me set map offset in google map instead  :roll: