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Started by arsgeografica, September 25, 2012, 11:07:56

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I really love Locus Pro, it has become my primary map application for traveling (offline vector maps), geocaching and more.

But one thing I noticed which could be improved is the creating a new category on data import: While it is easy enough to add a new category it unfortunately does not get selected when returning to the import screen. So I ended up with data in the wrong category many times.

Am I missing something or should this considered a improvement? After all, when I add a new category during import I will most likely use it, right?



I've raised a similar feature here: ... zip_folder

I think it's similar to your idea, feel free to join.


thanks zero for bringing this topic back, I completely forget on this

in next version, newly added category (for tracks or points) will be selected
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