Map refreshing issue after canceling initiated download

Started by auric, February 16, 2011, 23:58:27

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There's a weird map refreshing issue when doing these steps:
- Open Locus
- tap upper right button "start screen with online/offline map select and download ability"
- Choose "Download map" and tap "This screen" to start "this screen" downloading
- hit cancel (btw: this screen is ALWAYS in landscape mode)
- You're returned to the map view
- hit "Zoom in" button (lower right)

The zoom key will stay grey and the map doesn't zoom in.
However, when you start panning the map (tap and drag), the zoom button becomes black-transparent again and the map's zoom level is adjusted.
Zooming out has the same problem.

You can repeat this until you stop restart Locus. Zooming in will then perform normally again.
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Another excellent bug report. Thanks auric, fixed now!

Seems that I'll have to, in near future, look on your wish, NMEA export :) ...
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Your quick response and fast fixes are more than appreciated! :-)
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