Issue with vector Map and map items

Started by forlax_12, August 26, 2012, 20:18:09

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I have some problem with the Locus version 2.6

1) I use the french vector map, and i select the kml file attached with the data item menu.
The track and the POI are are displayed correctly.
When i move the map to the left (more than halft of the screen), all POI and the track disappear,and if i move the map to the right the POI and track appear !!
If i import this kml file i do not have this problem

2) I select a "Data Items" with POI and tracks, and when i restart Locus there are no POI and track on the screen.
    Locus does'nt restore the items selected before the restart.

3) When i try to import the attached kml file or other kml file, Locus said "Imported 1 tracks" but in the Track and Points Tab there are no data.
   I must leave and launch the Data Screen to see the imported track.
   In the kml file there are POI and in the "Points Tab" there are no POI !!
   (In the Import Data dialog The option "Only Display" is not checked)
   And on the map the POI icon are red circle and not the custom POI in the KML file.
   If i use the import with "Data Items" the customs POI icons are ok.
   Is not possible to modify the POI, and the only possibility is delet !!!

I attached a kml file.