Improve behaviour of button that allows fast map-switching

Started by PeterPablo, August 13, 2012, 11:29:27

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Right now the button to fast switch maps is displayed in the top-left corner when I zoom out to level 1. This is not comfortable. I hope you would present this button on something like level 6. As an alternative you could make the button visible, as soon as no map-item is rendered on the current screen (when I zoom out and then move the map in some direction).

Thank you for considering!


Peter, by default this button is visible when on screen is place without map. You may anyway display it all the time, or never. Check settings map > map - control & panels > Quick switch button. Is this helpful?
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Menion, I know this setting and it is set to "when outside the map" (second option), though when I scroll outside a map and only see white background I am still not offered the quick switch button.

I played further around and noticed, that when I am for example in zoom level 3 and scroll a lot south then the white background changes to a grid and then the button appears (as expected).  The question is, what the white background means? Is it linked to the map and theme I use? Right now I have the thailand map ( loaded together with the theme "volatile_cycle_hike".

Thank you for looking into it.