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Started by PeterPablo, August 11, 2012, 15:53:37

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Hi Guys, mainly THANKS Tommi! - looks you're on a good way to solve this, but "bad luck" happen :)

OK, so please ketani. If there is any problem, we need from you better description of this. What are you exactly doing, step by step ...

to start from somewhere, try this ...

1. read this ... te_measure , mainly feature of button 5!
2. start menu > functions > Add new route & measure
3. press button 5
4. on new dialog, press top settings button and also check that you have source for navigation MapQuest or CloudMade!! (important)
5. select some method for example fast car
6. then add on map few (at least two) points by moving map and pressing first button
7. in final, you should see purple base line between your points and blue curve computed from online service between your points
8. press button 7 and then OK to store this route to database

this is complex method how to precisely create route for navigation. Is this working for you? If so and you have such route on map, tap on it and from one of bottom menu select "Navigate"

if any step don't work for you, describe it. This is anyway just method how to create route that may speak. If this will work, next step will be to check if your voice works correctly ...
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When i open Menu > Functions .... I get these options....

1>Set right panel




5>Navigate to

6>Add new point

7>Quick new point

8>Quick switch

9>Screen lock

Your post says "Add new route & measure" ... but there is no such option for me !!


Quote from: "ketani"When i open Menu >Your post says "Add new route & measure" ... but there is no such option for me !!
Goto Settings->Functions&Modules and check that Navigation and Tracks are ticked.


@ketani: Didn't hear from you. Still problems?


Still no voice support , also once a track is recorded then the navigation should work without data connection purely on GPS but whenever i open the app without data connection it reminds me to start the data connection !!

All said & done ,this app is much complicated to use in comparison to Sygic or Navigon !

I would like to study the operating of this app in detail because i purchased it as it looked pretty interesting , i have no complaints regarding the quality of app & app support provided by our dear Dev Menion (he is a genius & so are you my dear friend tommi62) but it seems that i cannot use it properly till i study it's functionalities & get used to it !!


ketani, I fully agree that it's not so easy when you want to use it for the 1st time like sit in the car, enter the destination and go! I also agree that you can do it like this with Navigon but this one is purely dedicated to navigation, has an onboard database and nothing else where Locus is a swiss knife with dozends of functions and navigation is only one out of them (and still needs some improvement, Menion is aware of this).

Again, it's really important to follow the instructions of Menion accurately. Once you are through you'll find it's still some steps everytime you use navigation but I really promise you, it works! I used it quite a lot especially when being abroad (without internet connection, route stored at home) and it always did it's job.
I learnt to use navigation from at home, not from the car where you have to handle this terribly dangerous engine in the traffic.

We are really willing to help you more but you need to help us more, too. The information you gave us up to now is really, really few. Couldn't you add screenshots and some description where you don't get further?


ketani, is your phone in silent mode (independent of what is set in the app)? If so, then first put your phone into non-silent mode.