Make lock and rotate button changeable

Started by zsero, August 06, 2012, 22:36:40

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I would like to request two very very small changes.

Since the "lock" button is no longer useful (auto-lock is a magic, thanks for it!!!), as well as the rotate button, what I've never ever used, can you make these two buttons changeable, like the top ones? It would be just a simple added functionality, without anything lost.


Quote from: "zsero"...Since the "lock" button is no longer useful...
I use it!
If there are no tiles in next zoomlevel, i have zu stop zoom to next level.
this happens eg if you have more sqlite.maps in one directory as one map,  with different zoomlevels.


For this reason I'd like to make it optional, not change it to anything else. By default it would be like now, but you could change it to something else.


  I'm sorry but bottom panel functions are quite special and cannot be simply changed for some "one-click" features like other panels. So I have to for now deny such feature request
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And not even in settings? It doesn't have to be long-clickable. Like somewhere in the settings/advanced area. About the choices, you could make a vote here about the top 3 or choices people would most likely to see there.