2 small requests if possible please Menion...

Started by UKlocusfan, August 04, 2012, 17:29:24

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1. I know you can change the colour of a navigation route to whatever colour you like... but is it possible the change the colour of the tiny arrows within that navigation route too please?  If a route is set to purple or another dark colour etc etc it is very difficult indeed to see which way the tiny arrows are pointing as they are always black.  If on the purple coloured route they could be changed to white for example then it would be alot easier to see the arrows and it would also make the route differentiate from standard road colours too.

2.Allow dimmed highlights seems to dim the screen after a period of time, but it would be great if the screen lit up again each time a guided waypoint or navigation instruction was read out.

Hope these 2 are possible.
Thanks in advance.