Turn off the screen when recording the track

Started by michulle, February 07, 2011, 16:18:08

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is there a possibility to turn off the screen when I am recording the track? I don't have to look on the map all the time and this can save battery.
Now, when the screen turns off (or when I manually turn it off) i always disable the track recording.

Thanks for your help.


  is this doing only locus to you or all track recording softwares? Locus normally do not stop track record when screen go off. Seems like problem in your custom HD2 rom ...

I have to check today out, to be sure!
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With Motorola Defy it works as menion described without any problem. (Android 2.1)
While turning off the screen I also lock it and have to unlock after turning on.

The GPS is still alive? Or do you have installed any energy saver?

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Regards J.


I tried this with RMaps (same result) and with GpsCompass Map after I turn off the screen the lock screen appears and stays (track recording continues) and if I turn it off again lock screen goes off and recording is disabled.

I have custom ROM MDJ's CyanogenMod 7 (v.2.6) A2SD+   Android version  2.3.2
So that could be the problem  :|

btw. really great application!!!