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Started by forlax_12, July 05, 2012, 08:14:51

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1) Is it possible to have the ok/cancel on the top of the screen to avoid to hide the keyboard to see the ok/cancel button

2) is it possible to have the direction arrows with the keybord during input text.

3) is it possible to have the text "Unknwon adress" selected in the creation of new POI, to  avoid to erase "Unknow adress" char by char!

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1) Locus mostly use for of small dialogs where is common to have OK/Cancel buttons at bottom. It will also be a quite a lot of work and it's not sure that all most people will like it (me not for example)

2) it depend on keyboard you use I think, isn't it? I don't about any way to enable direction arrows on keyboard itself

3) you're correct, this text is no necessary ... it will not be there in next version
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About the 2), on my HTC One S with ICS, some application display a keyboard with direction key.
For example in the contact manager :

The direction keys are shown without user intervention, and i can't show or hide this key.

And you can see the button Cancel/Save (Annuler/Enregistrer in french) just above the keyboard, is it fine isn't it   ;)



About 2): Yes, that's the software keyboard of your HTC phone and it provides a better layout. Maybe your system detects the existing OK/Cancel-Buttons on screens and the keyboard is adapted?
On my Defy+, i use Anykey as keyboard to have left/right arrows directly in keyboard layout.