Automatic download of spoiler/photos of geocache GPX

Started by elmuSSo, July 03, 2012, 16:25:41

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Im the user of and to load a caches into Locus I need to download them in form of GPX - thats perfectly fine. The problem begin, when I don't have internet connection if the field. Suddenly I'm discovering that some of the caches doesn't have the spoilers images cached in offline mode! Even if an hour before, I saw these images cached there! I can see only a small, blue icons with question marks. Menion, can you somehow parse the loaded GPX file, search for images links in it, then automatically download those images permanently, or at least keep them saved until the point/cache is deleted from Locus?

Don't even ask me in what critical situations I was pissed off, when I realized, that I can't see these pictures, when I was in the middle of the forest with no internet connection.

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