Cannot download vector maps

Started by thany, July 03, 2012, 13:40:58

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I don't clearly understand this discussion... as was written Much Ado About Nothing.
I hope you can agree that every service cost some money. No matter if is automated or not.  OK?
From my point of view nothing was changed. In previous concept you paid for service you pay for service again. Mentioned add-on was from beginning wrong concept. In new concept pay every user only for data what they really use/download. No one will be limited because another user downloads 10 times more than rest of users.
I have to say that we can not talk about price of maps , users pay for service. For example in Garmin shop cost TOPO Germany map 200$. On other hand if you buy credit from Locus shop you pay for Germany 0.25euro. I know that we can't compare this maps but I want only show that this is not great business. And of course as Menion said you can create or download map from different sources.

Your idea to use mapsforge download FTP is also wrong. I can't imagine how thousands of users pump Berlin university server.
Another Idea? I don't want to say that this new concept is the best solution but I consider it as a most appropriate solution at this moment.
BTW: Who is non-technical user? ;)


@voldapet. As Menion said, the app paid more then it used so your argument that even more payment is needed to keep the service going is thereby invalidated. Your Garmin example is also outdated. Please check the playstore and be amazed what is going on on the GPS scene now a days. Community driven, commercialy driven, but free is the hype at the moment especially now Google Maps is getting better by the day and starting to show offline incentives.

As for the good people of the TU Berlin, if what Menion said about the traffic his server was drawing in Januari I think they will be smiling over your remark just now. 2T a month is probably less then peanuts for then. More like flees or a mild cold. It also doesn't add up to thousands of users. Where f.i. Locus Free points to 1 million installs this in no way implies the amount of daily users, vector map users, or regular vectormap downloaders. The 2T per month indicates that I am not far wrong with that logic.

With a non-technical user I mean someone who cannot root his phone, let alone run or install a script on it which probably will be true for the majority of Locus users.

That said I will now refrain from further comments as IMHO everything that I had to say has been said on the topic.


The least thing you could do is take bandwidth cost seriously. There is no way in hell that 2GB costs 99 cents. If that's so, change hosts. It should be more like 99 cents for 2TB.


another explanation? OK ...

from 0.99, takes 30% Google and we in the end receive around 45% of price you paid (taxes), so it's around ... 0.45 cents. Cost for 2GB takes around 0.30, depend on location from where you're downloading. So hey, we're very rich from it ... in case of 30GB we have almost zero from it ... that's all maths behind it ...
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Come on people... If you see how cheap Locus is and how many updates and features there are, why be difficult over a small amount like this?
If you don't like it, create the maps yourself..

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And hey people, have you ever thought about what a professional skilled developer charges for his work regulary (I know prices like 800 EUR a day)? And even when he is busy doing things like administration of google payments, webhosting, doing support, writing manuals or negotiating with map providers. And for all this work (did I mention all work, I don't know) what does he get?
I think it's time for some more praises for locus and to menion.


thanks druki and wvb!

In this case anyway it's not problem a price I think. People that shout because of 1€ ... I'm just sorry for them. Anyway problem with this add-on is not enough information that people get. It's good lesson for me - to display all possible limitations to users again again and again. Add-on was limited since begin. First day I put it on market, there were - working till 31.3.2012. Unfortunately text on market wasn't enough, even if I expected that people read at least first three lines ...

So I'm sorry that some feel like I cheated them, no I didn't and I don't want. I'm anyway not forcing anyone to pay for something, so some sentences in which I have to defend income that I have from my work, aren't necessary. Locus is not some "milkcow". When it will be, I'll leave it and went finally on one year vacation :) (which will anyway not happen so I'm also looking forward to new exciting features that will come in next years ;) ). Howgh and please enough unless you have something sensible to say ...
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the original question of this thread was this:

QuoteI'm trying to download/update my vector maps, and I'm being confronted with this message:

Process unsuccessful
Installed add-on is not supported anymore (since 1.7.2012).
Please uninstall it (add-on) and purchase credit for downloading of the Vector maps! (code:412)

I have uninstalled the vector map add-on and I cannot find it in my application list (google play/market) any more. But I still get the above message.

Thank you.