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Started by timchase, February 05, 2011, 20:48:26

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Hi,  I really like the ability to draw a track on a map.  One suggestion that would make it even better would be to give the total mileage for the planned track.  I notice that the track is selected(changes color) when I drag the map red x pointer near one of the track points.   If a popup would show with the total mileage for the track, that would be ideal.  Alternately the track mileage might be stored under the info data for the track.  I'm using Locus in an aircraft and the track drawing feature looks to be a great tool to plan a route and get the distances.

Thanks for a great program


Hi TIm,
  did you tried latest version on market? Seems that is really very very old one :) In new, when you click on one of points of route, you'll see popup with informations as you need (btw. I'm just working on some graphics improvements of info screen) ...
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Ok, I'm running on the 0.9.15 downloaded off the Market.  Now the distance shows up nicely while manually creating a route on the map page.  Just a couple of observations on managing tracks and one suggestion.

On the Tracks - Locus page   when looking at the information page for a selected track, the distance for a newly created track shows up as 0m and a creation date of Jan 1 1970.   If I look at the information page of a track created on an earlier version, the distance is displayed correctly, but with the same creation date above.

When inputing the details about a track there is the option to set a category.  It would be nice to add "Plane" or "Aircraft" in addition to Car, Bike or Foot.

Keep up the great work,  I'm amazed with how much your program can do and how quickly you are improving it.