Make the map's white margins transparent

Started by elmuSSo, July 02, 2012, 12:36:23

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That was annoying from the same beginning. It can be seen especially when Map auto-load is turned on. Maps are curtaining each other. Ok, they will always do that, but the white margins are making this very unpleasent and chaotic to look at.

These margins are unnecessary. It would be great to make them disappear somehow. Unfortunately, when Im creating the slitedb atlas,


I can only cut off the whole tiles, so the margins are always there. Aren't there any way to use transparency in the sqlitedb format, or GEMF? I would like to create the atlas with transparent margins, and then let the Locus to respect this transparency and just don't show it. Or maybe Locus would be able to search/scan for the white margins automatically and just don't show it?

Here is the mirror wish post at GetSatisfaction: