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Started by gynta, June 15, 2012, 23:02:20

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It seems google maps has changed something on his API Key system.
So i think here ends the the test period for c-me.
I stopped the development in the test status - years ago.
Now google ends this project too.

I'm sorry for all my loyal users!
Special thanks to "Neoaliphant", one of the first and last power user.
(brexit and now ce-mexit - what a mess)

best regards

c-me 2012 - 2021


9 years? Looks like successful project at all :).

Thanks gynta! And hope you had this as a nice learning side project. And a good start to the new year  ;)
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...und genau passend zum Start von LM4 eingestellt...


Many thanks for all this years with this fabulous live tracking. By far, the best!


Thanks gynta for your excellent project

one of the main reasons ive been using c-me rather than native locus live tracking is the tasker integration, as I can make a quick upload of a single gps position very quickly from a single one line tasker task.
so i generally do this once an hour during the day.

Then my wife has my kml file as a map item,    job done,
just had a look at the c-me website, my position is there as of 40 minutes ago, but the google maps is grey and has a development purposes only watermark, but to be honest this doesnt matter at all.
I also have a 300 pt snail trail of my travels viewing from the webpage, which i dont think current locus livetracking has.

So it would be great if gynta kept c-me up....but i understand if its time to take it down....
Many Thanks
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Andrew Heard

Is there any alternative to the c-me website? I had experimented with the (also free) http://www.greenalp.com website but this uses it's own dedicated Android app for uploading position which brings its own complications.
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seems to be over, the map also disapered


Not completely. The tracks are still recorded, retrievable with the KLM downloadable file.