c-me live tracking

Started by gynta, June 15, 2012, 23:02:20

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Brad Stewart


Thanks for offering this service!

I would like a login for the server please, nickname 'bstewart'

Thank you


Hello, amigos. I'd love to test this service. I'm frequently hiking backcountry, with sporadic data signal, but I always have Locus running, and do my best to find or create data signal. I'd like to test this service such that my family can keep track, when i'm way out there.


Sergey Khlyzov

Could I too get an invitation, please?
My nik iiazik79



Quote from: marc on March 31, 2015, 05:27:17
...I'd love to test this service.
Hi Mercurio
PM already sent few days ago. If you have any problems, let me know.


Could you give me an access ?
Nickname : Michi5466
thanks a lot


Hi Gynta,

Could you please give me a userID for http://locus.oldboys.at, so that I can activate live tracking (for private purposes so that my daughter can see where I am when on longer hiking/cycling trails)?

Nick: Michael / Mike / mhoogkamer

Thank you in advance.



hello michi
i will send you a pm today evening.
currently i'm on a two day trip in praha.


Offtopic, sorry: In Praha? If you will be close to station Metro B Českomoravská, we are all four in office today on Ocelářská 9, so you're welcome on quick tea ;).
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[also OFF topic
- also sorry :)]

QuoteIf you will be close to...
I have no idea :D

It was not(!) a holidaytrip.
Ceské Dráhy a.s
CR141 00 Praha 4 Sporilov

but let me say: Praha has a huge and amazing lovely city center !!
4 hours walking - and we're not finished at all...

I really had problems with this keyboard layout



Hi gynta, I hope you are still working on this.
I cannot send you a PM, but I am interested in this feature.



Quote from: gynta on April 29, 2015, 15:59:24
Hi Italo
see PM

Thanks a lot! You are providing us an incredible service ;)

Just a simple question, what do I have to do to let others see my position? Is that possible?


First you should record some points with locus and the function "live tracking"...
2. go to website - login - and create a guest login.
3. copy and share the link.


Could you give me an access ?
Nickname : Chubhunter