Edit Track - update summary (km) in tracklist

Started by shushuk, June 14, 2012, 11:20:08

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I really appreciate the edit-function to get rid of some errors when recording a track. Sometimes (when I forget to pause the recording while I enter a building) a location is recorded thousands of km away.
So some of my bike-trips have around 15.000 km :-)
After correction of the track by using the new edit-feature the short summary in the tracklist (duration | km) under the trackname still shows the old (wrong) km, while the 'information'-window shows the correct one.
How can I update the summary?

And something else:
the track-length in the track list is shown in km up to a certain date (about dec. 2011 in my list). After that the length is shown in metres in the format 123456m. A '.' would be very helpful --> 123.456m or otherwise the 'old' km-value like 123.5km (for me the better solution). (Where) can I configure this?!

I really use this app a lot - for me the perfect assistant for hiking an biking!!!


hmm I'm looking on text descriptions and it's quite problem. Description you see in top line is generated during storing of track into database. But! this text can be then simply edited in edit dialog of selected track. So it can change. And if Locus separete track or just cut part away, there is question if text is original one and should be regenerated or text is already changed and should be kept as is ... I'll try to do some with it but cannot promise it will always work as you expect.

about distance, check menu > settings > localization > formats and here change units for length
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