Big Maps possible! Or not?

Started by LeFish, June 03, 2012, 01:07:00

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I'm on Custom Rom (MIUI) on a Defy.

After many hours of aggravating hassles I managed to get my SD Card partitioned (FAT32 and EXT3).
The FAT32 partition is mounted as /mnt/sdcard while the EXT3 partition is mounted as /sd-ext (with r/w permissions) and both are working now.

I went trough this "hell" =) to get my 5GB big map of Austria shown in one piece - only to get an error within Locus "no bigger maps than 2GB are allowed"

Proof me wrong, but isn't the limitation because of the FAT16 filesystem (histrically for Android SD-card storage expansion)

Nowadays it should (with the above described technique) be possible to load bigger maps into Locus in one piece!

If anyone interested how I managed to load bigger files that 2GB (FAT16) / 4GB (FAT32) into Android let me know I'd be happy to provide Links etc

Please, menion, if in your hands, drop the restriction in file size within Locus!

Thank you for this beautiful piece of software and this anxious community!



we had a similar discussion somewhere in this forum (or on GetSatisfaction?) and found out that today it makes no sense to use and share maps bigger than 2GB as most phones are still on Android 2.x where this restriction applies.
There may be custom roms which support bigger files on older Android versions than 3.x but these are used by very few Locus users compared to the vast majority using stock ROMs based on 2.x.