where I can download some type of map

Started by Tristla, May 28, 2012, 05:26:56

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where I can download some type of map which looks like a scanned topographical map
Map is called deutschland.net or oesterreich.net. Could you provide a possibility to use these maps in locus pro? locus is much better than apemap and I don't want to change.
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I'm sorry but on page you wrote, I cannot find any existing online map service or any terms of use for these maps. May you point me on right place?
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That are maps included as online source in ape@map.
But I think they lincensed them for use in ape@map.


I don't understand if the usage of these maps is limited (you can buy some full version on the homepage).

net.deutschland looks like the topXX maps from the "Landesvermessungsaemter" with different zoom levels.

There are some WMS servers for regional maps...
Some time ago there was a official WMS server for whole germany, but last time I tried it doesnt work anymore.
Don't know any other way to get them.
You can buy them (don't know if you can export to locus).
http://www.lvermgeo.rlp.de/index.php?id ... bundesweit


Outdooractive.com can be used by the Locus Addon Map Tweak (available in Google Play for free). Together with downloaded hike&bike hillshading map it looks pretty much like a topo.