Is there a way to rearrange the order of my user maps?

Started by Tristla, May 26, 2012, 08:33:10

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Tried to do a search on this forum but didn't see an answer.

I found out the way to rename the maps is to do it through the PC.)
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As you wrote: It is possible by changing the filename.
This can also be done on the device with a filemanager of your choice.
In ES Fileexplorer (my choice) just long click your mapfile and select rename.
A restart of Locus is needed if you do this during Locus running.


are you talking about personal offline maps or about the online maps providers?
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I think its about offline maps because of the " user maps" in the Topic ;-)
But interesting question: The custom online maps in providers.xml are sorted by... tag provider id? (and which id do the standard providers have?)


yes, custom providers are sorted by ID. Standard providers have two numbers. One as ID used in whole application, and second "sortingId", used for my manual sorting. Simple .. no influence on order of default offline maps, sorry :)
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