Import/Export of "actual Position" for Routing?

Started by PeeKay, May 20, 2012, 08:56:49

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With most other navi-apps (e.g. google maps) i can send (with a simple tap on my actual position marker) my location via sms to another phone. this coordinates can be used directly in other apps to navigate to that location. The same in other direction... if i receive a sms with coordinates, i can open it with a tap on the data in the sms, the navi app opens and i can directly navigate to this point.

Is this "Import/Export" Function in Locus included, but i can't find it?
If not: is it planned to include this feature in Locus?
best regards.


Hello Peter,
  please try "menu > functions > Share > Share map center" and in first part "Plain text" is probably what you want. Just include by "+" button for example Google maps URL and send it by "Share button". Not so simply as in Google maps by your description, but when you add "Share button" on right panel, it should be also quite quick
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