Live tracking, how does it work?

Started by idk, May 15, 2012, 19:34:52

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I've seen, that in the new release live tracking is possible. But I don't find any information about it, am I blind  ;) ?

Do I understand correctly, that with this feature, I can "stream" my location at that someone at a computer, can watch were I am currently? When I open the options for this feature in Locus, I can input some server settings. What kind of server does that need to be? How do I set it up? What do I have to do?

But it would be cool if it worked, just yesterday I was thinking about requesting such a feature :P


#1 ... efined_url
more coming soon...
it's under construction - but currently it works.


Thank you. Somehow I'm loosing track of all the locus related info. Somehow, in my impression, it is spread on too many places. This forum, the one you posted etc.

But thanks, I'll look into the info you gave me  :D


I'm also very happy that you have implemented this feature and can hardly wait to get more info how it works - whether there is some 'public' Server where you can send your pos to or something like that.

With that feature Locus would definitly be perfect for me!


Today i finished my website scripts. The mainfunctions are workíng.
After starting Livetracking function in Locus, in the webbrowser you can see...

... only my last position (centered on Google Maps) autorefreshed everey 5 minutes.
... or all my stored marks. (it is not so important)

a screenshot - as an example:
If a area has not enough details with Google Street/Satellite view
you can also display overlays on the map - or add tracks  - and also POIs:


That looks great! Do you have to run a server yourself? Or is it possible to use exiting sites?

Sorry if this is a silly question but i dont have programming skills at all...


Quote from: "shushuk"Do you have to run a server yourself?
Not my own - bur it runs on a private webspace, yes.
Quote from: "shushuk"...or is it possible to use exiting sites?
Don't know any Site yet, but I hope there are some better skilled coders than i am here to create a site for the Locus community.
This requires only one table per userID in a mysql database.

You should understand PHP scrips, a little bit Java, and MySQL, the old Google Maps JavaScript API V2: ... troduction

or the new V3: ... avascript/

...and have access to a Webspace with MySQL and PHP.

Quote from: "shushuk"Sorry if this is a silly question but i dont have programming skills at all...
Not a silly question - i also have problems  :)