Track record "autostop"

Started by milanos, May 14, 2012, 11:29:16

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I wish to add support for "autostop" in track recording. Now you can set that point is stored if speed >0. It is not enough. If you stay on one place, it is still logging, because GPS is not so accurate. Could you change the condition of logging (for example add configurable speed value or condition of distance with configurable value again)?
So with current recorded tracks is problem that average speed is under 5km/h (bicycle) if you have one beer in the pub:-)

Henk van der Spek

Hi Milanos,

Under Track Recording you can set "Interval (metres)" as a recording condition. Try setting it at 80 meters; that should do for a small pub.

Also check the bottom item in that menu "Recording conditions": point is saved if both or only one condition is met ....
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