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Started by skids, May 08, 2012, 01:53:13

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Hi there
I've been playing around with overlays - yet another fantastic addition to this awesome app!
If the overlay has fewer zoom levels than the base map, the overlay disappears when you reach a zoom level the overlay doesn't have.  It would be great if there was an option that means that the largest zoom level of the overlay is still there at higher zoom levels but just magnified (like what happens when you zoom in with the zoom level locked)

To explain why I think this would be very useful -I've been trying hill shade overlays. These take up a lot of space if they have all zoom levels, but because hill shading doesn't need sharp detail, it doesn't look much different if you have a lower zoom level that has been magnified /stretched. So your base map may go down to zoom level 16,and the hill shading overlay down to level 14 say, but map can still be viewed with overlay down to level 16.

Not sure if this is even possible, but thought it was worth asking!




+1, was thinking the same thing. We're all getting pretty hard to please lately. Logical, with Locus getting pretty much at G*rmin level  :D !


also some predefined overlays are welcome.
one more thing. when i set an overlay -> stop locus -> start locus -> no overlay. (bug? feature? am i doing something wrong?)


+1 here is nice, but I would really rather have this on getSatisfaction. Not so simple task anyway :) (but 20 votes on GetSatisfaction have enough power to do something with it)

and fact that Locus do not remember overlay after restart is not bug. I'm not keeping some memory intensive stuff when restart because when Locus crash because of this, it will then crash during start because of same issue and you'll not be able to disable it. Anyway seems that Overlay feature is working nice, so I'm going to check possibility to remember last overlay ... EDIT: done ;)
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