maximum Zoom Level downloading OSM Maps?

Started by PeeKay, April 21, 2012, 21:25:24

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Sorry for the Newbie-Question... but:
If i want download details from some osm-maps i can only choose maximum zoom-levels 16, but a lot of such map shows at online usage zoom levels 17-18. for example, the OSM Hike&Bike Map: Online Zoom Level 0-18, downloadable is only a maximum Level of 16.

How i can download details from such "restricted" maps in Levels 17 and 18?

best regards.


  unfortunately thanks to this , Locus is not allowed to access to access low zoom level even for view√≠ng. In case of Hike&Bike, Locus is allowed for view of maps but not for download. Check "tile usage policy" for this map (same as for mapnik OSM server). There you'll read all you need to know
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