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Started by s_wimmer, April 21, 2012, 21:07:05

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I tried to create a vector theme with similarities to Google Maps and common german printed maps.
It's just a first release and still needs some improvement.
Map icons are from SJJB Management (http://www.sjjb.co.uk/mapicons/)
Have fun! Any suggestions are welcome.




i wanted to make something similar, but failed to do so. i am too lazy :-) thanks for your effort. going to test it right away.


nice work


Thanks a lot! I like it. Just a question: Is there a way, that street names are visible unless I've zoomed in very very deep?


Good work. It inspired me to create another theme for looking good.


Sebastian (s_wimmer)
THANKS for this valuable contribution!
It is a big improvement in usefulness of this Locus for automotive on-road purposes.
I liked it so much that I had to register just to express my thanks.

The big challenges in using Locus with vector maps and the original OsmRender have been that there are not enough street/highway labels and they're not big enough.  
1 – When zooming out, the street/highway labels disappear.  For level 13 or lower there are NO street/highway labels, not even interstate highways!  That makes it hard to zoom out to get an idea of what's up far ahead in a long trip (you can see roads but no street names). I find myself continually zooming in and out to get a broad view of my trip, while still keeping track of the individual roads.
2 – There are not enough street/highway labels.  Minor street labels don't show up until zoomed way in. Highway labels are too far apart.
3 – Street/highway labels are too small to view on my phone screen with phone mounted on my dashboard. If I adjust the settings/advanced/textsize to make streetnames bigger, then even more of them disappear (Problem #2 gets worse).  
4 – Farm Market Roads (state of Texas, US) are not labeled at all at any zoom level even though they are major roads!

Using your Classic Maps, there is huge improvement in item 1 and some improvement in items 2 and 3
Regarding item 1 – With classic theme, I can now see major highway names all the way to level 10 zoom, which is FANTASTIC!!!!
Regarding item 2 – With classic theme, there are more highway labels (they are closer together), which is another big improvement. However there is no improvement in ability to see minor street labels without zooming way in.
Regarding item 3 – some of the major street name labels are larger in the classic theme.  The smaller street labels remain too small on my screen.


It's nice work really useful for us .... thanks for this