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Started by baders, April 10, 2012, 02:19:28

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Hi all, please excuse the "noob" question but I have searched and not found info.

When I go hunting I have a need for "photographic" type maps such as Google Earth to be used offline, as there is very little mobile coverage in the area. Can I somehow create these maps for Locus to use ? Locus Pro on HTC Desire/Android.


Hi baders-

I assume you have not already done so-  search Google Play Store for the "tweak', a Locus add-on.
This will give you access to some useful satellite maps. You can then cache your area of interest before you go hunting.
The DOWNLOAD tab in the MAP MANAGER gives you several ways to limit your download to just your area of interest.
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Thanks Starman. I downloaded and installed Map Tweak but alas, now I cannot see any online maps at all !! :( I have also downloaded and installed Australia/Oceania vector maps and installed but I cannot see these either. Any ideas ??


Yikes! Once you download and install the tweak, you actually have to RUN it, but only once. Maybe you've done that.
The next step would be to go to- Locus Settings> Map-advanced> Online maps  and see if the maps you want are enabled (check mark).
Then look again for them in Map Manager, Online Tab.

What version of Locus are you running?  And what was the source of your vector maps? There were a lot of recent changes to the vector maps.
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Yes, have run Map Tweak as instructions say. Can see for instance, Google (Classic, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain) in Online tab. I can select anything in Online tab, but only blank grid shows on screen :(

Locus version is 2.1.1.

Source of vector maps was http://www.vectormaps4locus.eu/


Then it is likely that current view of Locus points to a different area on earth. Check latitude/longitude in top menu setting Coordinates and shift view to an area where you expect a map to be.
What is your zoom level? I would start trying with a zoom level of about 10-15 dependent on the map's coverage


Hi baders,

I am jumping in to ask some additional questions... Seems like this topic now covers two issues...

Questions and Tips about ONLINE maps:
(1) Do you even see some blank grids, if you choose an online map, that came shipped (e.g. OSM) with Locus?
(2) Please check your settings for offline mode... ;)
(3) Locus is now available as 2.2.0 version, please consider an update...
(4) Switch GPS on and move the map view to your position.

Questions and Tips for VECTOR maps:
(1) Did you finish the downloads from vectormaps4locus.eu succesfully? Please compare file sizes of downloaded file and the information from the site.
(2) Are you sure, you unzipped and copied the vector maps (blablabla.osm.map) to the folder "Locus/mapsVector"?
(3) Sometimes there are two Locus folders, one on phone and one on external sd. To find out, which is the right one, you can for example export a track as kml or gpx. You'll find your exported file in "Locus/export".
(4) If you still have problems with this, can you tell us your ROM on your device?

Hope something will help,
Cheers, berkley
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Thanks all. Problem solved. Problem was in Settings>Map-Advanced>Offline Mode (was checked).


Quote from: "baders"Thanks all. Problem solved. Problem was in Settings>Map-Advanced>Offline Mode (was checked).
And what about your vector maps? Offline switch isn't applicable for vector maps


Hi tommi, yes, vector maps are also now visible. Not sure why Offline mode should affect them though.