[SKIN] minimal (for max. mapview)

Started by gynta, April 02, 2012, 19:08:02

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by gynta Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:17 pm

 The goal was to have a big mapscreen whithout buttons and only with GPSstatus

skin version / from:
v1.0 - Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:17 pm - downloaded 40 times
v1.1 - 06.April, 2012
 icon changed - stolen from the web  :roll:
 the former icon was part of locus itself

required Locus version:



Downlaod and copy the the zipfile to Locus/data/customScreen/...
Go to Main menu/Funktions/Locus Shop/Graphics and download the free custom screen "minimal"

If you want to hide the top system panel (pic#1) go to Main menu/Settings/Global
Select "Fullscreen" with "QuickSwitch" (should be placed in the right panel too)

For a quick switch to a custom-theme you should also create a Quicklink on the mainscreen:
Main menu/Functions/Set right panel -> Add link feature -> Custom screen -> Close

Be sure you not always hide the right panel:
Main menu/Settings/Map - control/Right panel visibility

Now you have to tap the symbol "Custom Screen"on the right panel. (pic #2)

For the first time you use "Custom Screen", Locus will ask you to install other free examples.
After that, choose the "minimal" custom screen in the List

You can toggle the infobar on the top by using the slim yellow button in the upper right corner. (pic #3)

The maximized screen should look like pic #4