Synchronizing several installations?

Started by asdfex, April 01, 2012, 17:51:13

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most likely the question already exists somewhere in the forum, but I was not able to find it:

How can I synchronize my saved points between two devices in the most elegant way? Export/Import is not exactly what I'm looking for, because it can't be used if points are edited on either side, just one-way updating is possible.

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I'm assuming you'r talking Locus to Locus.
I don't know of any way to do true two-way syncing, someone might eventually create an addon for that.
The following method is still one-way, but would be more compact that import/export-

Create a fresh Backup with the Backup Manager located in the Functions Menu.
In your file browser, go to-  Locus/Backup and send that zip file to your other device, place in Locus/backup.
In the other device, go to Backup Manager, and do a RESTORE.

BTW Menion, the Backup Manager is DATA. It belongs in the DATA MANAGER :-)
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I don't know if following is possible, but it is worth a try:
- get a dropbox account:
- get this app: ... herealsync
- set up a sync job on every device (free version is limited to 15 files per sync job) directly for locus databases
- tell us if this works ;)

Cheers, berkley
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thanks for your suggestions (and sorry for the late answer...).
The Dropbox-way (as well as any other, diff-based approach) does not work since the databases are binary files.
The copying of back-up files is working, but I never know which version of a entry to keep -  the local one or the one from the backup.

So - no really good solution yet. Maybe a future version of Locus can provide such a functionality - it would be very helpful for people with smartphone and tablet. Maybe one can introduce categories located in an arbitrary location, which might be windows share or ftp server?