[Theme] Osmarendertheme with b/w Icons

Started by brotbuexe, April 01, 2012, 12:51:31

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This is just the osmarendertheme with differen (black) icons.

Because I don't like the osmarender icons that much and I found this great collection of map icons: http://www.sjjb.co.uk/mapicons/introduction I decided to make a osmarender with these Icons.
From the http://www.sjjb.co.uk/mapicons/download ... 021.tar.gz I took the 24pix black glow icons I could found for the existing symbols and changed it.
And they have the icons in other colors too, so I can just take the other colors for the rgb night maps.
And because they already have different sizes, its easy to get smaller or bigger icons.

Still missing:
cable_car.png, chair_lift_2.png, gondola.png, kindergarten.png, oneway.png, railway-crossing.png, railway-crossing-small.png, tree.png, vulcan.png
If someone with better english can find the symbols in the collection...



maybe you can add 2 shots (in one picture - you can only attach two files) to compare osm-standard and your custom theme.


Because its just simple other poi icons I don't care. :)
Will do when finished...

Second version:

added a lot of pois. shops, barriers, etc.

Question is how much of the stuff is in the map.
I don't check https://code.google.com/p/mapsforge/sou ... 986&r=1986 before I added the icons.
A lot of them are currently not in the map.

remove or comment out the pois that doesnt be in the map.
Add the rest of the icons and landuse patterns.