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Started by stillalive, March 29, 2012, 17:07:36

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is it possible to add "Reset A-GPS data" button to the right panel? It's often useful in order to quicken the GPS lock, but this option is hidden too deep in the Settings menu.


Here is an interim solution, though no shorter-

Download the free app "GPS Status & Toolbox" (a Locus co-app) from Google Play Store.
In Locus Functions, use the new "Add Link-Program" feature to add above app to Right Panel.
Click on that icon to open app.
Click Menu.
Click Tools
Click "Manage A-GPS State.
A menu opens.
The "Download" button does the same thing as the Locus button, refreshes A-GPS data.
The "Reset" button, which Locus does not have, simply clears A-GPS data.

The app also provides some handy info which locus does not, such as DOP/HDOP/VDOP.

It would be nice if Locus had a second Satellite page, with all of the above features,
therefore eliminating the need for the co-app.

Also, my Garmin GPS 60CSx, which I never use anymore  :D , always starts up in the SAT page.
It would be nice if Locus could be set to do the same.
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I can say, "i never use" A-GPS and i never reset A-GPS.
have a SATfix in 6-25 seconds.
Why should I use this function?


why to use if? Just in case you don't have such fast fix :). On some phones, it took quite long because of missing AGPS data, so this feature force system to load them. That's all ...

about missing values in Satellite screen ... I think that this screen can also be improved. So good place for GetSatisfaction for some discussion about improvements (what's missing there and what on second side should not be there) if you're interested ...
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