loading and zooming TAR files from splitted map

Started by ugn, March 29, 2012, 00:27:22

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I noticed bug/feature when loading TAR files and then zooming them. I have my maps in following file structure:

          level13.tar        //source zoom level 13, whole area
          level14.tar        //source zoom level 14, whole area
      level15p0.tar //source zoom level 15, part of area
      level15p1.tar //source zoom level 15, part of area
      level15p2.tar //source zoom level 15, part of area
      level15p3.tar //source zoom level 15, part of area
I load Locus with this structure. Locus creates zoom level for each tar, regardless I have splitted map of my whole area in zoom 15 (this is because of 2GB limit for one TAR).So, I see zooms 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 in map manager. In map view, I dont get merged parts of zoom 15 and I get each level15*.tar in different zoom (level15p0 alone as zoom 15,level15p1 as zoom 16, etc.)

Is there any way, how load multiple parts of one source zoom TAR map correctly ? If there is no solution, please add such feature to Locus.

I noticed that some posts in CZ/SK section mentioning this problem, but I want to describe problem more in detail and make it more accessible to international users.

Thanks for solution


  using of these maps in way you want is not possible in Locus now. Which program can handle this? Are these maps usable in normal TrekBuddy format? If so, on GetSatisfaction is already topic for this so you may vote there https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/topic ... dy_atlases
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