3 questions about tracks, routes and averaging tool

Started by druki, March 12, 2012, 22:21:30

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Hello, while playing arround with Locus, I found some issues that seem to be some kind of strange to me:

I record a track and during record I set Trackpoints. After saving and viewing this track as a chart, in the bottom axis the information for time and trackpointname overlap. Is it possible to separate these information?

a) If i manually create a route by setting routingpoints on the map, the routes sumary time is negative. b) If saved as GPX, the order of the routingpoints in the file seems to be the coordinates. I would expect that the time is the order.

The feature of the external app for averaging waypoints is not accessible from Locus any more (it worked some time ago in an older release). If started external, the avaraging app works and can give the coordinates to Locus successfully.


Hi Druki,
1. Locus uses AChartEngine library for charts. I was waiting till author add some support for things I need into Locus. Anyway waiting ended, because he'll never add what I exactly need :). So I was playing and rewriting needed parts of this library. So to the point - what you want isn't in part I already rewrote, but I'll think about it and probably add into next release

2. a. - small issue, fixed
    b. - I think that order of points should be same as you include them into route. It isn't when you export data?

3. are you sure? I see it in "new coordinates" dialog ... as usually. Ah but tapping cause ... nothing. Sorry my issue (very stupid indeed), fixed
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Thank you Menion!

About 2b: With a straight testroute manually crated from east to west I found out, that the order of the pounts is correct, but the first routepoint has a wrong time. Seems that it's set to the time of saving the route.
Maybe this was the thing you fixed (because this could have been the cause of negative duration of the route?).