Lost all categories and points after update

Started by markotter, March 04, 2012, 18:55:18

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Hi Menion,

after update from 1.6 to 2.2. all my categories and POI┬┤s disappeared in Locus Data Manager. In File manager in directory Locus/data I can see sql files with names of my categories, so files are still in Locus directory. Is there any way to get my data into Data Manager? Thanks Marek


Hi Marku,
  I don't like such messages. Firstly it mean some serious issue in Locus system, secondly I have to excuse and finally I have to hope that user don't loose some important data. In case of points, it's usually not so serious. All category names and icons are stored in dbmain file. So check this file if is not set to read only and mainly if is there. If all seems fine, send me it on email and I'll check if database is fine (or you may do this by yourself in some simple editor). last step should be creating of list of databases manually, so you can add database with same name you already had and locus should load already existing file with points. Anyway I really suggest to backup this "data" directory to keep safe copy or rest of existing files ...
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