MapQuest Map Source NOT deselectable

Started by LukeLL, March 01, 2012, 21:21:11

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I have Locus PRO version with last update (Galaxy Note with Android Gingerbread 2.3)

I select the Map Menu (right-high corner), appears the list of map providers (MapQuest, OSM and other)

I select MapQuest. Appears the list of sources Mapquest - option Satellite checked. I clicked this for UNSELECT. No. Impossible. Appears  options "information, Time validity, Cache Empty". Click for longtime. Never. Click for short time appears options. Impossible UNSELECT this checkbox.

I click another source for substition? Never. Impossible. Not select another source.

What is the problem?  :shock:

Thanks, Luca


did you tried to tap on small checkbox on the right? Selected map is checked, others aren't. So tap on place where is on other maps just empty white (with black border) rectangle ...
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Ok, with the S-Pen is possible unselect the Mapsource.

IMHO the "checkbox" for select/unselect the mapsource is too little, with the hand is very difficult (or impossible) selection/unselection.

Thanks you very much.