[Q] reset A-GPS data with terminal

Started by wvb, February 17, 2012, 09:20:20

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Locust has a reset A-GPS option which I use every now and then.
I would however like to automate it so I was wondering if this could be accomplished with some terminal commands.
If so, I could automate it with Tasker :-)

Any info is welcome,
Thanks in advance!

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  do you have some positive experience with this? Because I think, that android should handle this A-GPS data automatically so this option should usually not be needed. Anyway some automation is not yet possible. I was already looking some time ago on tasker and some possibilities, but it looks for me quite difficulty so I leave it ..
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John Doe

For Android 2.3+ Google have made changes such that it is no longer possible for an app to change GPS without user-interaction

If you wish to continue using Tasker's GPS action you may wish to consider installing a modified ROM such as Cyanogen which does not have Google's restriction.

The above is copy/pasted from Tasker. I guess it is not possible to reset A-GPS without userinteraction either...


If you have a root acess you can edit gps.conf for auto-refresh. I modified my file and have fix in ~15s. Also hanged server to poland ;)