POI alert - Optional "pause" between repeating sound

Started by Rev, February 11, 2012, 17:46:10

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Hi there.

I just registered, so first of all thanks for this great high quality app! Good work - period.

Now to my question:
I want to use the POI alert to notify me about nearby geocaches. The problem with the notification sound is that there is no way to play a slowly repeating "beep" sound for example. If you select "play until stopped manually", the selected sound plays instantly over and over. If you select "play once" you can easily miss it.

Add a delay option where you can specify a delay between lets say 100 - 10000 milliseconds. So the sequence would be
sound - delay - sound - delay .... until its stopped manually. This way its not annoying and you wont miss it so easily.



very nice idea ... added!
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