wrong geocache icon when imported from GSAK db /custom icon?

Started by bongo, January 30, 2012, 14:03:08

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when importing geocache waypoints from a GSAK database file, the geocache type 'benchmark' is shown as 'traditional cache'.

how can i get all geocaches shown with the appropriate icon?

is there a way to define custom icons based on geocache type and attributes?



  all types have to be defined in application. As I see http://www.geocaching.com/about/cache_types.aspx, there is no new type "benchmark". I'll check it ...
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gsak actually supports more types than groundspeak, i.e. if you import from a gsak database, you can get some more types than when importing from a groundspeak pocket query.

gsak supportet types actually are:
- multi
- letterbox
- cito
- event
- locationless
- virtual
- web cam
- mystery
- benchmark
- other
- earth
- project ape
- mega event
- maze exhibit
- wherigo
- waymark
- l&f event
- groundspeak
- l&f celebration

i'll try to email you a screenshot of the symbols.

i would like to also have an additional symbol indicating all geocaches of my own. so i can differ between to-do-caches and my own ones on the map.