Nav Audio Bug & Distance Bug...?

Started by phoneguy100, January 21, 2012, 23:32:32

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Hello all and hello menion.

Just 2 things I have had trouble with today for the first time...

1) I have a perfectly organised voice navigation set I have used for ages now but all of a sudden Locus keeps defaulting back to the default female voice - even when I pick the new voice during navigation.  Any ideas?

2) It seems the distance to target and distance to next turning readouts are the wrong way around on the main screen?  I had it set to distance to target but it kept showing a compeltely wrong distance which I presume was the next instruction - but when I changed it to distance to next turning it seemed to show the overall distance to my target destination.

2 strange ones...

Anyone and ideas?

Cheers all and keep up the AMAZING work menion - it is appreciated,


  this is really weird. i'm playing with it now and for me all works fine. Also I did some changes (based on this discussion ... oundabouts) but it should affect only speech during navigation (only order of words).

  What happen when you select any voice from list? Do you see "process successful" toast or not? If not, may you try just close locus, wait a few sec, then start and try again (or kill by any task killer)

  about second issue - if there is any problem, then if have to be there some time. If you send me start and end point and type of route you compute (or exported GPX file), I'll try it home and check if there is any issue
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