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Started by zailor, January 13, 2012, 13:06:28

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Hi !
I have used Pro since 1.3 ver and are stilled very pleased how Locus devoloped !
Personally I use Locus most together with seachart's from Eniro.
That's way I miss one function:  "the common way" to make a new route (track).

Today you can make a new route(track) in Locus using the red cross and then tap on + and then a new position and tap on +
BUT you can also longtap on + AND then you suddenly have lots of options !! greate !

My wish is now to increase the options to include all POI not only the Favorites
If so Locus have become more like a Seaplotter.
( A seaplotter works with tons of waypoints (POI) then you make your own route (track) by select from your  waypoint list (POI's)



  I was thinking about it when I implement favorites category. I finally choose this solution because this "favorites" may help you use your most important points fast. When you display POI's you want to use for creating route, on map, then try simply tap on this POI and first will be "+" button ... should this be working solution?
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Hi !
I'm not sure I follow you to 100% ......
But what I think you mean is that I can choose any POI I want and when I tap on it there will be a "+" .
And if I select "+" the POI will be added to my route !? - right ?
If so it's exactly the same way that Garmin works !!!! So I think it's even better then my proposal !
The only thing to keep in mind is that is very handy (necessary) to have the possibility to insert a new POI in a exisiting route ( of course also delete a POI ).
It's were often I have routes with e.g. 30 waypoints (POI) and then suddenly I must add a new POI in the middle of the route........then I just can do a "INSERT" POI.
If you don't have the INSERT-option you have to create a totally new route ;-(