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Started by Menion, January 10, 2012, 19:00:12

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Does anyone know, who is Starman?

Because almost everytime someone post any critics comment on market, Starman appear and write something nice and mainly funny. I with wife always looking forward to his comments, so if anyone know him, give him thanks from me :D


user: "Really Bad UI   This app apparently does a lot of cool stuff, but It's got the worst user interface I've ever seen. It's hard to figure out what it can do and then how to do it. "
starman: Post from "Hey You.." is BS spam sabotage. No one can be that stupid.

damn! new posts overwrite old ones ... so funny comments remain unfortunately history, anyway Thanks Starman ;)
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Fortunatly Starman is here, but to show something, what Menion was talking about...
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