pinch to zoom where the fingers are (and rotate)

Started by Mirar, January 09, 2012, 19:18:43

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Locus either thinks that you're scrolling, or that you're zooming. It doesn't actually do precisely what you want.

When you zoom, you always zoom around the middle point of the screen. I would wish for it to zoom using the two points that I'm pinching, so that those two points are moved to where my fingers are moving. That would also allow rotation of the map in a similar way. It would be a lot more intuitive than first scrolling your object of interest to the middle of the screen, and then zooming.

Ie, move one finger on the screen - scroll.
Move two fingers on the screen, but do not change their distance or angle - scroll.
Pinch or unpinch fingers, but do not change their angle - zoom. But zoom should be around the points your fingers are, so if you unpinch a certain point on the map, the zooming should appear there as well.
Rotate two fingers - rotate the map. (Probably needs a threshold of 15 degrees or so.)

It could be fairly easy to just see where the points are on the map and how to transform the map so that it matches the new points?