OSM 0.3.0 incompatibillity?

Started by bongo, January 09, 2012, 12:04:02

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i've seen that there are new osm 0.3.0 maps (besides the older 0.2.4 maps).
i don't really know what's the difference, but i've seen that 0.3.0 maps are a lot smaller than the 0.2.4 ones.
so i tried to check this out, but it looks like locus is not able to handle these 0.3.0 maps, i.e. they do not show up within locus when copied to the vector maps folder.
are these maps not supported by locus?


the maps from http://download.mapsforge.org/maps/v3-test-maps/ are testmaps.
i think a new mapforge.library are also necessary.
you have to wait a while...


correct. New map library will be released at second half of February (probably), so together with some testing, expect new maps and support for them, during first half of March ...
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