compass screen?

Started by phoneguy100, January 08, 2012, 23:28:08

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Hi all,

Sorry for the stupid question but I cant find the compass screen.

Is there a compass screen in addition to the one that shows the GPS satellites please?

I was kinda hoping to put a geocache as a POI and use a compass screen to show me the direction instead of using the map.

Is this possible?

Cheers all.


tap on POI (on map or in selected category) and from bottom menu select ico with two arrows and dot, and from submenu select "Compass" ;)
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wow - thanks menion.
I knew it was in there somewhere as I have used it before.

Is there any way to get onto that compass screen and use it as a general indicator as I cant see a button for it anywhere and it is kinda nice to go on a hike or walk and use a compass.

Cheers again for your ultra fast reply. I appreciate it.



you could set up your right panel with the compass button... ;)

Search before posting!!!
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cheers berkley!